Leasing and Rental Agreements


On average, restaurants make three-to-five cents of profit for every dollar earned, which means expenses need to be managed wisely while growing sales. For many small and mid-sized operators, this isn’t easy without predictable, affordable technology systems in place.

We've got the answer.

Aloha POS Rental Service is a low-risk, flexible subscription POS program that gives you access to the features and benefits of Aloha for an all-inclusive monthly payment. No contract period required. Subscribe to your restaurant POS technology in the same way as your ice machines or knives.

The Facts:

Customers that have leveraged the Aloha POS as a Rental program love how it frees up capital and operating expense to invest in other areas of the business. Learn more now by contacting an iPOS sales representative at 877-442-4767, or online any time!


By working with numerous financial institutions, Integrated POS is also able to offer a wide variety of low-interest lease programs. There are many options available offering custom tailored terms to meet your specific needs.

Leasing is one of the fastest-growing ways of financing equipment today. A recent survey found that 80% of U.S. businesses lease a portion of their equipment. Companies that use leasing range from the Fortune 500 to the family store. A growing business is apt to face the dilemma of limited cash flow and the need to add equipment. Leasing can put equipment to work for you with real cash flow advantages and without a major capital investment.

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